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Company specialized in document process automation and interconnection services for over 30 years. It is the best partner to optimize, automate and secure B2B, B2G and B2C electronic document interchange.

SERES belongs to Docapost group and Atos (34% shareholding), the only European company that operates throughout the IT value chain. SERES headquarter is in France, where it has had a steady financial growth and geographical expansion.

SSERES is exclusively dedicated to providing solutions for secure electronic exchange of business documents with legal force including EDI and electronic invoicing. It has major clients in all sectors of activity.


Our services provide full coverage in the analysis, development, deployment and scaling-up stage of a Document Process Automation projects. It is global and independent of the company and partners' technological level, furthermore, the wide range of settings makes it possible for your company to integrate the whole information into your ERP in a non-intrusive mode.

The main areas of activity are:

Customers and suppliers document Platforms

Having a technology solution that allow you to cover the needs of exchanging information among your organization and its business partners provides direct cost cutting and optimize processes by creating a secure and trustworthy communication channel. Orders, contracts, payroll, bank statements, checks, invoices, etc. are examples of the implementation of our technology.

Electronic invoicing (e-FACTURA)

The invoice has become one of the leading automation documents in the world. Driven by the legal validity according to several laws, more and more companies have improved the current trapped-in-the-past invoice process management. SERES has one of the most important electronic invoice platforms.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI allow you to exchange business documents between companies but to ensure the document traceability. It is especially implemented in sectors such as retail, automotive, healthcare, etc. where it is critical a fast, secure and reliable exchange of documents. It covers a wide range of documents related to the purchase / sale of goods, supply chain, shipping and transportation as well as invoicing and payments management.

Scanning and OCR / ICR (Optical and Intelligent Character Recognition)

The step forward to an electronic environment is not always straightforward. Digitization, and even printing paper documents are necessary to cover the basic needs of suppliers and / or customers. SERES supports the cutting-edge OCR / ICR technology of La Poste, French post service.

Connectivity and Interoperability Services

Working in an electronic environment involves rethinking the way in which contact with your partners. The inability to access in a clear and safe way with them penalizes the development of their projects. SERES networks and platforms allow you to access to hundreds of thousands of companies around the world, whether they are SERES customers or other networks customers interconnected with us.